Record: oai:ARNO:641753

AuteurS. Fawver
TitelThe effects of Progesterone-Variation during the female menstrual cycle on Betrayal Aversion : an experimental study
FaculteitFaculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
OpleidingFEB MSc Economics
SamenvattingThis Master’s Thesis investigates the effects of progesterone variations during the female menstrual cycle on the phenomenon of betrayal aversion via the performance of an online survey. Betrayal aversion is measured by investors’ (first players) Minimum Acceptance Probability (MAP) during three different treatments, namely Decision Problem, Risky Dictator and Trust Game. Hypothesized results could not be fully affirmed; the effects of two included covariates, namely mental state and intensity of suffrage from PMS add significant explanatory value to the model. The main results depict the following correlation: Women’s emotional state in combination with progesterone-variations affects decision-making. Furthermore, a boost in women’s emotional state increases betrayal aversion during day nine and ten of the menstrual cycle when women are not burdened by any other influences such as PMS or menstruation’s side effects.
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