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AuteurN. El Shehawy
TitelEthnic marketing : brand personality in engaging with Muslim Millennials in the fast fashion industry
BegeleiderM. Mossinkoff
FaculteitFaculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
OpleidingFEB MSc Business Administration
SamenvattingBecause Muslim Millennials are worth trillion of dollars (Pew Research, 2010) and that France has the largest Muslim community within Western countries with about 8% of the total population, understanding what guide them is essentials for companies and the choice of their future marketing strategic decisions. Thus, this quantitative research has been conducted to test what the relationship is between brand personality and customer engagement of Muslim Millennials, and the effect of religious devoutness on the relationship itself in the fast-fashion industry in France. Thanks to the analysis of the results, managerial implications have been deducted from the data collected through a survey online. Hens, it has been found that Muslim Millennials see the Halal concept in the wide sense of its definition. It means that the personality of the brand must match their main beliefs, norms and values for them to feel comfortable engaging anyhow with fast-fashion brands. Additionally, how brands market and communicate with them matter as much - to not say more than - the products themselves. This thesis adds general knowledge to previous empirical research focused on ethnic marketing with Islam as a segmentation with a special focus on Muslim Millennials.
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