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AuteurB. van Eerdewijk
TitelCompetitive advantage of the 'new delivery' platform : 'Food on Demand' : a qualitative study on platform dynamics and competitive advantage within the vibrant and growing digital food-delivery industry
BegeleidersP.J. van Baalen, H.P. Borgman
FaculteitFaculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
OpleidingFEB MSc Business Administration
SamenvattingPurpose. The aim of this paper is to find out how competitive advantage and platform dynamics differ in distinctive business models in the platform economy, considering the online food-delivery market in the Netherlands. Design/Methodology/Approach. This research follows an exploratory, theory-building, multiple, snapshot route, combining data gathered from different interview settings. Contribution. Based on a theory-building approach, new propositions will be created about competitive advantage and platform dynamics of this new business model in the online fooddelivery industry. Findings. The findings show how the ‘new delivery’ business model may have competitive advantage over the traditional model and include different perspectives on competitive advantage and platform dynamics of the new business model. Research implications and limitations. For academic purposes, this study adds to the existing base of platform literature by considering platform dynamics in different business models. It is argued that these concepts behave differently in different kinds of platforms. Practical implications. The findings of this study may help managers in the industry to decide on which factors to focus on, that shape competitive advantage for their firms. It seems that the ‘new delivery’ model has certain advantages over the traditional model. Originality/Value of the paper. The research will contribute to our understanding of platform dynamics and will consider related concepts, such as switching costs and network effects. In different types of platforms, platform dynamics behave in other manners. Platform-based business models are very popular nowadays and more research is needed to increase our understanding, for that they heavily impact the lives of many. Nearly everyone uses at least one platform, regularly.
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