Record: oai:ARNO:641713

AuteurP. van den Dolder
TitelResearch versus development : which one matters more for international expansion?
BegeleidersN. Pisani, C. Gelhard
FaculteitFaculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
OpleidingFEB MSc Business Administration
SamenvattingExtensive research has been conducted on the relationship between research and development (R&D) and internationalization. While previous studies have examined the role of these two activities jointly, recent works point to the notion that research and development are two significantly different activities. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate whether research and development activities, taken separately, have a different impact on internationalization. We argue that a focus on development (versus research) has a bigger impact on a firm’s level of internationalization and that this relationship is positively moderated by a global (versus regional) orientation. To test our hypotheses, we used the PITEC survey of 2014, which provided us with a sample of Spanish manufacturing firms. The findings suggest significantly higher levels of internationalization for firms with a focus on development than firms with a focus on research. We argued that development rather than research is needed when adapting products to the host market needs. Additionally, we found that a global orientation has a significant negative moderating effect, indicating that firms with a global orientation do not have higher levels of internationalization with a focus on development than with a focus on research as opposed to firms with a regional orientation.
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