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AuteurJ.P. Rocha Ferreira Andrade Diogo
TitelA meta-analysis on employability : a matter of satisfaction
BegeleiderS.T. Mol
FaculteitFaculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
OpleidingFEB MSc Business Administration
SamenvattingAs a sub-product of a Meta-analyzes on Employability, this study is motivated by the changes in the dynamics of the labor market that resulted in a change from lifelong careers dedicated to one or only a few companies to careers in which employees are more mobile, moving across jobs in the same company or moving from one company to another. Therefore, the ability to stay mobile is of great importance. We will focus then is the analyses of Satisfaction because, as Employability, also Satisfaction has a central role in individual’s life as each and every one of us seeks for happiness.
Using 9 studies with a total sample size of 7.186 people, this paper uses meta-analytic techniques to investigate the relationship between Employability and Work/Life Satisfaction. Hypotheses were tested and although neither the relationships between Employability and Work Satisfaction are significant, nor the relationship between Employability and Life Satisfaction is; results do show that the moderation of age is of great importance to Life Satisfaction, being this impact of the moderation of age positive and significant in the particular case of Life Satisfaction. There is an underlying attempt on this study to understand if the meaning of Job Satisfaction is the same as Career Satisfaction or if the difference is only semantic. To that, this study raises questions regarding if they are indeed two different concepts. Findings, limitation, future research and general applications are discussed.
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