Record: oai:ARNO:630679

AuteurM. Roberts
TitelWhich ethical production methods are consumers most concerned about? : using survey data to assess consumers’ preferences for improved human rights, animal welfare and environmental standards
BegeleiderA. Kiss
FaculteitFaculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
OpleidingFEB MSc Economics
SamenvattingThis research used over 300 responses to an online, hypothetical choice experiment to estimate the willingness to pay for improved sustainability of production methods in chicken, eggs, milk and chocolate. Results showed that approximately 35% of respondents care about all variables equally. The choice experiment showed that consumers are prepared to pay an additional €0.61 for a one unit score increase for 500g of chicken, €0.25 for six eggs and €0.10 for 100g of chocolate. The willingness to pay to increase each individual variable score is fairly similar across products, but when looking at choices made animal welfare was the most important for chicken, eggs and milk, with human rights found to be the least important. Of the chocolate brands tested, Ethiquable and Albert Heijn had a significant and positive willingness to pay to increase the overall score by one unit of €0.14 and €0.08 respectively.
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