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AuteurA. Reyhan
TitelBoard diversity and firm performance : the moderating effect of ownership structure
BegeleiderI. Haxhi
FaculteitFaculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
OpleidingFEB MSc Business Administration
SamenvattingFirms have constantly tried to improve firm performance with many approaches and one of them is by reorganising the board composition. It involves the differences of the characteristics and backgrounds of the managers and thus, arranging a diverse board member. This topic has been researched extensively in the past, however, inconsistent findings leads to confusion in the literature. Moreover, it has mainly focused on developed countries. Therefore, this thesis aims to
extend the research in to emerging countries, especially in Asia. The countries derived from the 378 samples include the top 100 firms from Indonesia, China, and Vietnam. Furthermore, this thesis has looked at the moderating effect of ownership structure on the relationship between board diversity and firm performance to get better insights on to the main research question. A statistical linear regression analysis has been conducted to find support on the developed hypothesis. Unfortunately, it provided evidence that no significant direct relationship between board diversity (Gender, age, and nationality) and firm performance (ROA and Tobin’s Q) was found. Moreover, the moderation effect of ownership structure (Majority and Minority state-ownership) on the relationship between board diversity and firm performance was also found to be insignificant. Therefore, it can be concluded that board diversity has no impact on firm performance, and ownership structure does not moderate the relationship, more specifically in emerging Asian countries (Indonesia, China, and Vietnam).
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