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AuteurF.D. Pruim
TitelPrivate label copycatting and the effect on national brand evaluation and willingness to buy
BegeleiderK. Venetis
FaculteitFaculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
OpleidingFEB MSc Business Administration
SamenvattingPrivate label brands (PLB) are growing rapidly and in order to signal high quality, manufactures are relying more on copycatting the national brand (NB) product label. The prevailing belief is
that the more similar the PLBs are to the NB, the more positive their evaluation is. However, it is found that this effect depends on the evaluation mode of the consumer. Whenever the NB is present, the copycatting practices would be highlighted, resulting in a less favorable evaluation for high degree copycats. This study aims at investigating this relationship and to explore whether there is also an effect of copycatting on the NB. Two different product categories (i.e. chocolate and olive oil) where used in order to compare the difference between a broad and a narrow NB. The conceptual model is tested through statistical data obtained from an online survey. The analysis showed that in the olive oil category, the higher degree copycat was indeed evaluated more positively. However, no effect was found on the willingness to buy the PLB as well as on the evaluation and the willingness to buy the NB. In contrast to previous studies, no
moderating effect was found for the presence of the NB. A comparison between the two different NB types showed that there was no difference in effect on the evaluation and willingness to buy. Contrary to previous findings, the results of this study imply that the copycatting practices of the PLB are not too much of a treat for the NB. This has implications for both marketing theory and practice, which will be discussed.
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